Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stargazing: Golden Globes

The Golden Globes are over and now that the awards have been handed out we can focus on the truly important issue at hand: the dresses! I was very excited to see who was wearing what and look forward to hearing what the Fashion Police have to say soon! I have chosen my top picks and here they are in no particular order because I just can pick my fav! I really love them all sooo much!

I absolutely ADORED JLo in this Zuhair Murad gown. It is just divine and elegant. Lace is always done, sometimes overdone, and many times can turn old or too risque. Despite this gown showing so much "skin" it still felt tasteful and in no way vulgar. The white lace almost looked like white henna drawn on her skin and the white color brought a classiness and innocence that any other color would have lacked, making the dress too sexy and over the top. I cant say enough good stuff about this gown or JLo in it. She may not be plus size but girl's got curves!

Next on the top picks: 

Rachel Weisz in Louis Vuitton. I have always loved Rachel and she is beyond adorable in this LBD. The dotted swiss sheer is unexpected and cutely quirky while the bow at the waist is a sweet detail that brings the whole thing together. At least two other stars wore dresses similar but with lace at the neck and hem. I think this one outshone them by far. 

My other favorite lady in black was Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen. I really loved the bodice detail and the stones at the neck. The graphic quality of the black boning on the gold bodice really caught my eye.

Finally, Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera.  This dress is everything every girl dreams of wearing one day. The sky blue is heavenly and the pink and yellow roses are perfectly purportioned as well as being perfectly placed. It is neither too busy nor too dull. I love a full skirt and die for dresses with surprise pockets in the skirt. Its such a cute detail. 
Well that's it for my evening of stargazing. I was looking forward to seeing Adele and as a plus size celebrity, I know many of us curvy girls look forward to seeing her and look up to her as an icon. However, I was sadly disappointed with her dress. She seemed to be trying to hide instead of celebrating her curves. I know she was revealing her post baby body and is most likely a bit self conscious (who isnt after a baby?) but I really wished she had gone with something with more design and less of a black cover up. Don't get me wrong, I love Burberry. I just very much wanted to see her in something with color and flair. 
With that, I'm off to bed. Be back soon! <3 ~Noir


  1. I think your right on... the JLO dress is a skintone with lace over the top which is nice because she is not showing actual skin, this time... it's very sexy!

    Just like ice skating outfits!
    Both of which I could not wear with my curves! LOL!

  2. For me, I would definitely wear Rachel Weisz's dress! That's my favorite. JLo's is stunning, too - I just could never imagine actually wearing it, lol.

    Don't feel badly about criticizing Adele's clothing choice - it is an EXTREMELY hum-drum, plain black dress. Not even a "LBD," it just kind of looks like a bag. If she wanted a BETTER - still modest - black dress, she should have gone with something with more flare like this:

  3. You have picked some lovely dresses for your personal pick. I love Nicole Kidman's gown, the detailing is so beautiful.

  4. I agree with your comments on Adele's dress.. and honestly I am a little upset with Burberry with its design.. I always expect so much from them. I LOVED JLo in that gown. I saw so many great dresses, which made the disasters stand out. Lol. Like that Valentino DISASTER! I am sure you saw it.. I was on Ariel Winter.