Tuesday, January 15, 2013

If I had styled Adele

Hello all, welcome to my Monday midnight posting (don't worry, that's not going to be a routine thing.....hopefully)! Just for funsies I decided to create my version of Adele's red carpet look from the Golden Globes 2013. For those of you who did not see my previous post, I wasn't quite happy with her look that evening. It wasn't a disaster by any means but still I yearned for more fashion, more glamour! I'll go ahead and say again I love Adele and I love Burberry! This is my little spin on what I think she would have looked fabulous in. I stayed with a LBD because I know she loves her black dresses...evidence:


So I figured it was best to stick to black. I chose this dress for its details and overall look. I like that its short and that the sleeves are 3/4. It doesn't look too young but doesn't look old either. The tiger stripes help keep it young. I love how the black on black of the bodice with the sleeves showing a hint of skin through the material. The skirt has a bias drape that is very flattering. I thought it would have been nice to see her with a more laid back hair style, something a bit undone and romantic. not necessarily with a rose. I picked the booties with gold stones for a bit of edge as well as the gold and red Alexander McQueen Union Jack bag. The kicker is the earrings. I almost fell over when I saw them. Well, not them actually...the price! $20,000!

There you have it: If I styled Adele. Now I have to get some sleep. Early morning tomorrow. XO ~Noir

If I had styled Adele

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  1. I love those shoes with that dress, very edgy it really makes the outfit pop