Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fab Five Friday accessories

Its fab five friday! (a tad late but hey, at least it's here!)

I put together this set of black and gold jewelry, shoes and a bag. All together this first set would cost around $3,500 and each piece comes from a different store or website.. The bag alone is $1,300! I know right? Insanity. Sooooo instead of blowing a couple months salary on some cute accessories swing over to Forever 21 where you can get the second set pictured (just as cute, if I do say so myself) for a grand total of...............$70!!! That's one sweet deal if you ask me and its all in one convenient location.

(Pictured below: $3,500 worth of absolutely adorable accessories)
Fab Five Friday accessories

(Pictured below: Crazy cute accessories from Forever 21 all for $70 total)
fab five look alike - get the look at forever 21

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