Saturday, April 20, 2013

on the edge - leggings # 3 :)

So as I mentioned before I really like to pair hard and soft but sometimes there is an item that calls to you to go all out in one direction. These leggings are exactly that item.

Leather with sheer cut outs running all the way up the leg - can we say sexy?!? ....say it slower...seeeexxxyyyyy! Of course we dont want quite that much showing  - no crop tops with these ones ladies! This skull print top from ASOS is the perfect tough bite to match with these fierce leggings. I am loving the shard necklace, also from ASOS.

on the edge
Despite this being one tough outfit I do always at least like to add a drop of color or femininity. which is why I've chosen the sandals and purse in bold black stripes with a pop of hot hot pink. I love how the pink is carried down to the sole and even the heel tip on the sandals and the bow on the bag is just adorable. With an outfit like this there's no doubt you're one fierce powerful femme fatal. 

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