Wednesday, April 17, 2013

galaxy leggings!

I want to first apologize for my long absence. To those who follow me, thank you for your patience.

And now on to the fun stuff!

I LOVE spring! It has always been my favorite season but with the weather shifting so often it can be hard to decide what to wear. Skirts and dresses are so fun and after a long winter it can be freeing to get out of those jeans or slacks and into a fun flirty dress. But when the wind kicks up who wants to be wearing a skirt? Even without the wind the chill can get to your legs. This is why I LOVE leggings. Not only to they protect your legs - and modesty! - but they are a blank canvas for fun designs. Leggings are here and bright bold patterns and prints are what's hot! So have fun! In this and my next few posts i've highlighted some of my favorite trends in leggings.

galaxy leggings!

In this collection I've highlighted galaxy print leggings. The galaxy print can be found everywhere and on everything right now but I really adore it on these leggings from World of Leggings. I really like the colors in this particular print. I paired it with a sequin top by ASOS that really reminds me of a starry sky. I stuck with simplicity when it came to shoes to avoid any clashing with the already busy galaxy print. They are black Michael Kors sandals that have a hint of edge with the exposed zipper down the front. There is a pop of color in the color blocked Fendi bag that is echoed from the print on the leggings. I really love this color and this look!  You can pick up the sequin cold shoulder top for $75 and the Leggings are just $39! The shoes are $150, a bit of a guilty pleasure but so cute! And the bag, well the bag is a luxury indulgence at $2635. 

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