Thursday, April 18, 2013

light lovely spring - Leggings installment 2

I really love hard and soft mixed together when they are done right. I always feel that every outfit needs contrast. If there is a high hem the neckline should be modest, if there is a loud print it should be paired with a solid and if there is a super hard edge there needs to be something to soften it and vice versa. Today's collection is a combination of light feminine romantic garments balanced with hard edgy accessories.

light lovely spring
I started with a "base" of floral print leggings from World of Leggings. I really was drawn to the bright floral but with the fairly busy pattern I knew I wanted to pair it with something more understated and calm. The powder pink empire waist dress is from ASOS. I adore the combination of light barely there pink and black sexy lace. Leggings always look great under a frothy gauzy skirt like the one on this dress. For accessories I found this adorable bow at ASOS. I <3 spikes and studs! The black feather earrings made me think of ravens and dark romance. I matched the nude pumps to the pink of the dress and bow to maintain a head to toe cohesion. Finally I added in the vintage clutch with beautiful print to mimic the lace on the dress. 

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